How To Create A Free Landing Page In WordPress With All Steps

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Before I skip to talk about what is a website landing page, and how to develop a free squeeze page in WordPress, here’s why you’re here.

You run a blog, and you also desire to create landing pages to cultivate your email list.

You intend to provide a free email course, a freebie or possibly, a webinar.

Or, you run a small business, and you need to get more leads.

As a fresh blogger, you can find overwhelm with new terms but in the event that you’re set on growing your email list or income, you will notice how important landing pages are.

You'll find so many known reasons for using landing pages. Maybe it's any simple page that's useful for driving visitors from any channel like social media marketing, emails or ads to do this on the site, and convert.

Let’s first uncover what is a landing page, and just why bloggers have to have one?


Exactly what is a Landing page?

A website landing page is the initial page in which a user lands on after clicking a web link on social media, a web link in the e-mail or any ad. It’s in which a visitor lands, and sees a primary message from the web site owner.

The Landing pages have only 1 clear purpose and goal. These pages were created with a specific purpose at heart. These are designed to complete one task, and that might be anything.

Invest the a glance at this page by Nadalie Bardo. She uses this to obtain additional people to join her free Masterclass.

Businesses use their homepage to obtain additional leads.

Exactly like Freshbooks uses to provide new users a choice to take a trial offer, or login.

So, landing pages may be used for different purposes. In the event that you’re a blogger and you also desire to grow your email list as well as sell some products then landing pages is really a big one.

Are you experiencing a blog yet? Here’s my comprehensive blogging tutorial to assist you create your personal blog and earn money!

Why Landing Pages ARE ESSENTIAL For Bloggers?

It's quite common that businesses have already been using landing pages for such a long time to cultivate their business leads, and clients. Until recently, bloggers and small web business owners are taking advantage of landing pages because of their own blog growth.

Landing pages are mostly useful for growing the e-mail list and converting visitors into subscribers. And, these landing pages are incredibly helpful in growing the e-mail subscribers.

Listed below are 5 important explanations why landing pages are essential for bloggers and small enterprises;

  • To improve conversions
  • To grow the e-mail list
  • Landing pages may also be beneficial to generate data and insights including user behavior, content performance and tracking the campaigns
  • To obtain potential leads for business
  • To create credibility and brand awareness

How bloggers Use Landing Pages?

Without moving in further details, I wish to explain an easy process of how landing pages work with bloggers.

An activity looks something similar to this;

1- A visitor involves the squeeze page
2- He/She submits a contact to obtain a freebie, attend a live event, a free of charge workshop, etc
3- Gets follow-up emails from the blogger
4- Education emails along with other emails to create a relationship
5- Pitch to a paid product (any paid digital product, monthly subscription, membership offers, coaching, strategy session etc)

Which means, landing pages doesn’t only assist in growing the email list however they can also make you make money over time.

When you have just started a blog, and also have no plans to build a contact list or product in the foreseeable future, then landing pages aren't for you.

However, if you wish to build a contact list from scratch and get hold of your audience, then landing pages to provide lead magnets may be the perfect step to take into account.

Now, let’s quickly see how to create a free website landing page in WordPress.


There are lots of tools to create a squeeze page for an internet site but I’ve found among the easiest tools that I’m deeply in love with.

I also understand that some bloggers also use and suggest email providers as Mailerlite or convertkit for landing pages but in all honesty, I will not recommend with them. They are so basic and also have very least options to help make the best converting website landing page.

I recommend utilizing a separate squeeze page tool.

I would suggest Elementor because this is actually the tool I use to create landing pages, and I really like it.

Some links in this article are affiliate links. Which means if you create a purchase via an affiliate link, I will create a small commission at no extra cost for you. For more, please read my disclosure policy here.

What's Elementor?

Elementor is really a page building tool to create responsive and gorgeous landing pages without even knowing coding or web designing skills. It’s super easy to use. All you have to would be to drag and drop elements and widgets to create beautiful internet pages.

Now, you don’t need to hire any web designer to generate your website pages. With pre-made templates, it is possible to create a website landing page by making few clicks only.

Let’s begin.


First, you will need to first download the for free plugin and upload it your WordPress dashboard.

Visit Elementor

Subscribe, and download the plugin.

Then, upload the zip file to your WordPress dashboard and, activate the plugin.

There’s another solution to install elementor. the next method would be to search the plugin in wordpress and set it up there.


Now, let’s arrived at the next part.

After installing Elementor, you will notice ‘edit with Elementor’ to edit the pages in WordPress. This program allows you to edit any page with Elementor from the dashboard.

When you’re creating the brand new page, be sure you choose ‘elementor canvas’ because the template.

As shown in the image below.

Now, you merely added a fresh page.

You can provide a title as you want, and choose the template settings.


As you start to see the edit with Elementor option on the brand new WordPress page you merely created, click that button to start out designing your page.

If you are on Elementor, you truly have two options;

1- Use pre-built squeeze page templates
2- Design a fresh page from scratch

As you click on the edit with Elementor option, you see this window with drag widget option and another folder close to it.

When you click on the next folder, you'll get a library of pre-made templates.

In the event that you’re new rather than have created landing pages before I'd highly recommend utilizing the templates library. The free version only includes a couple of templates as the pro version is filled with beautiful, responsive and converting landing pages.

It is possible to choose among free or pro templates to create your page.

The next option is to design a full page from zero.

However, if you wish to design a website landing page from scratch then you must use blocks, elements, and widgets to make a page.

At the left side-menu, you can find different elements for designing a full page. The best would be to take inspiration from other pages and make an effort to create something similar.


At this step, it is possible to literally just play with different blocks, elements and widgets to make a design of your choice.

If you go through the side menu, you see varying elements.

The essential elements are;

  • Image box
  • Use headline
  • Insert text
  • Embed a Video
  • Click to action button
  • Utilize the spacer to define a gap

Beneath the general tab, you see additional options offering social icons, testimonials, progress bar, image gallery etc.

Simply use these elements to create a beautiful landing page for the lead magnet, or for just about any other purpose.


On my website, I've created several landing pages with Elementor too. I designed a full page for my free email course, and blogging tips series.

I also designed my blogging tips series squeeze page with Elementor.

Take a peek here.

So, this is one way you can exactly design a free of charge landing page in WordPress with no need to employ any web designing expert.

If you wish to offer a freebie, then develop a simple and beautiful website landing page to attract more subscribers. You should use landing pages for different aims and purposes.

Once, your design is ready, it is possible to simply connect your email form with Elementor.

Let’s learn if you should use squeeze page templates or not.


You might ask why do I want landing page templates when I could design a free website landing page with Elementor in WordPress?

Well, honestly – it’s plenty of time-consuming if you wish to design a responsive page. As you design, you will need to spending some time to format elements, give proper spacing, pick the suitable blocks and place the widgets wherever needed.

While, pre-built landing pages do the task smoothly without even spending a lot of time, and extra energy each time.

Listed below are two options;

1- Choose Elementor Pro

Once you choose the pro version for an inexpensive price, you obtain 50 pro widgets with 300 pre-built templates prepared to use. And, a lot more with this type of cheap price!

Moreover, Elementor offers 25% off for a restricted time!

2- Bluchic Landing Pages

In the event that you’re a female business proprietor then I would recommend looking into these landing page collection for the website. Once you buy this gorgeous bundle, you obtain 15 professionally designed and high converting squeeze page templates to utilize with wordpress.

When you have digital products to market, and lead magnets then these templates by blucher are gold.


So, you learned how exactly to create a free website landing page in WordPress with Elementor, the page-building tool.

As you see, it’s easy to use but you will need to learn how elements along with other blocks are employed.
Maybe, you ask must i choose free or pro version?

Well, when you have a product to market, or beautiful lead magnets to cultivate your email list i quickly would definitely recommend choosing pro. Since it has pre-made templates you could just use, and change the colors, and fonts to fit your blog.

Personally, i recommend choosing pro Elementor version to go stress-free while designing the very best pages for the website.

And, here’s the birthday deal offer!

Get 25% discount on Elementor pro rendering it so cheap for just one site users.

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I am hoping this simple tutorial helped you learn to create a free squeeze page in wordpress. Now, it is possible to develop a new page in wordpress with your personal design, and grow your email list.

Tell me, can you use landing pages?

If yes, then i want to know why do you utilize them, and what results you obtain from those landing pages.

Tell me in the comments below.

Do you wonder, how landing pages grow subscribers, and sales? Learn how exactly I create stunning landing pages to grow my email list fast! Here

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Finished . impressing me is these landing pages are free. Amazing what we are able to do for free nowadays. Nobody comes with an excuses left LOL. We've usage of ample resources for building rocking blogs.

Absolutely true, Ryan! Everything is merely right there, and all we are in need of is to action and take action. We have ample resources to cultivate our blogs in various ways.

Hi Arfa,
This short article is timely for me personally primarily because I’m considering developing a new website landing page for my blog. And the very best part is that it's free for use if you don't want to go pro to obtain additional features. I will experiment with and observe how it goes before I decide about it. Thanks a whole lot for sharing!

That is quite impressive, i take advantage of Elementor and Visual Composer for my clients.

This can be a great post! I haven’t done any squeeze page yet as I’m only using opt ins for my freebies. I've the Elementor plugin already so hopefully I could use it continue.

I’m glad you enjoyed scanning this post on landing pages. Yes, I definitely recommend Elementor! It’s very easy to design a page and, it is possible to promote it everywhere for direct leads. It’s a far more clean approach to have more subscribers for the website.

I’m so glad I came across this post! I’ve been attempting to redo my website landing page because Convertkit’s forms are simply not what I needed and I didn’t desire to spend more money on just one more plugin. So this is ideal! I’m tinkering with Elementor’s free version but up to now I’m super pleased with what I’ve been able to generate! Thanks so much because of this!

That’s nice. Hope additionally you like using elementor

Yes, try out this out! I'd definitely recommend it for landing pages. I've the pro version and I’m quite pleased with other features including templates.

This can be a super helpful posts promptly. I am learning and tinkering with elementor for sometime now. It appears I can take action easily on my own by simply refering to your post. Thanks a whole lot, Arfa!

I take advantage of Elementor for my landing web pages constantly and it proves an easy task to navigate and use. Many thanks for posting this

That’s great to learn! Elementor is a good tool.

This posting is really useful. When I read this article I got many suggestions to create my website landing page.

Creating squeeze page takes so much period to design and to create a great page because website landing page would be the first impression of one's site.

It is a very timely write-up as I just started developing my blog site using Elementor. It’s already been a understanding curve and I’ve gotten better each day. My issue is, when I generate the landing page, how do you add a form to obtain people to put their e-mail and subscribe?

Will be this where I must link a Convertkit therefore i can collect email messages or I can do this on WordPress too?

That's where I'm currently stuck.

I really like this post when i am currently here at this time. I do wish to know, how do you add the little type to collect emails near the top of my website and consistent near the top of every blog page post?

I've created very good quality freebies like Ebooks and share images.

Thanks a lot for commenting.

Are you currently discussing notification bars or popups at the top of the web page? You can find different plugins for that. Searching for popup plugins or hello bar.

Indeed, you need to first create the proper execution in convertkit and then, basically integrate with Elementor. While creating the landing page, it is possible to pull up converkit types and they'll show up. However, in case you are with the free of charge elementor version in that case your forms will be basic in any other case with paid elementor, you should have some templates with much better email types.

You can also take assistance from Convertkit or if you are a elementor pro user, they'll show you too.

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