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Where to find a profitable blogging niche? (In 3 SIMPLE ACTIONS)

Among the basic foundations of an effective blog is really a profitable niche. In this specific article, you will understand the significance of getting a profitable niche along with the simple 3 Step process to discover a profitable niche.

Before you begin your blogging journey, it is vital to discover a successful niche for the blog. A niche allows you to define your blog in the web blogging world.

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Exactly what is a niche?

Basically, a niche may be the main topic of one’s blog. It’s the central topic of one’s blog.

So, for instance, if you are likely to reveal your travel journeys and vacations on your own blog, your niche is ‘Travel’.

If you’re going to share recipes on your own blog, in that case your niche is ‘Recipes/Food’.

Exactly why is it important to select a profitable niche for a income generating blog?

Now, if you’re planning to take up a blog simply for personal use or to utilize it as an outlet for the thoughts and experiences, you’ll be able to virtually choose any niche.

But if you wish to monetise your blog that’s you intend to earn revenue from your own blog, then you should select a profitable niche.

Listed below are 3 simple reasons for selecting a profitable niche for the blog

It really is popular –

A straightforward equation. Virtually all the profitable niches are popular.

Folks are searching on topics linked to this niche; companies are creating products to focus on the demands of the niche audience & bloggers are creating content linked to this niche. And if you’ve planned to start a income generating blog, then it’s always an improved idea to choose a distinct segment that’s popular (aka profitable).

It is possible to create a good selection of content –

A profitable niche isn’t a niche that’s popular only among a lot of people. A vast amount of people knows about it. This implies there must be adequate questions linked to this niche. People will be curious to know about a very important factor or another linked to this niche. This ultimately means there’s a chance for you to develop a good number of posts for this niche. You probably could not run out of ideas. Even though you do, you can search for inspiration on the net, magazines, television etc.

It is possible to monetise this niche easily – Essentially the most important point! ?

If your niche is popular…

If folks are looking for this niche’s topics…

If companies are creating products for this niche, then what does it indicate?

This implies that it is a distinct segment that may be monetised easily. You will discover several ways to monetise your site if it’s based around a profitable niche – Ads, INTERNET AFFILIATE MARKETING, Creating your product, Sponsored posts etc.

Last but not least, a profitable niche is popular, it is possible to create content for this niche, and it’s an easy task to monetise it.

Where to find a profitable niche for the blog?

So, you understood the significance of choosing the profitable niche for the blog. But you remain confused as in where to find this type of niche.

Don’t worry! Here’s a step-by-step process to find this type of niche for the blog.

I would help you to obtain a paper and pen and focus on each step as you read. Or browse the whole post first and go through each one of these steps to get your profitable niche.

A 3 Step Process TO DISCOVER A Profitable Niche For A Blog

Step one 1:

Write down all of the topics you love

Step one involves writing down all of the topics you like. It could be anything – Recipes, Cosmetics, parenting tips, sketching, travelling etc.

Whatever you make an online search regularly, you can discuss this topic for an extended period of time without getting bored, you like reading concerning this topic etc.

Step two 2:

Check when you have knowledge/expertise on these topics

If you’re planning to take up a blog on the topics listed by you (in the last step), then it is vital that you should have at the very least some level of knowledge in this sphere.

By knowledge/expertise, I don’t imply that you must have a degree in this department. Nevertheless, you should at least involve some command over this topic, then only you’d be able to create a blog for this topic.

How exactly to check if you have a respectable amount of knowledge with this topic or not?

Because of this, write down at the very least 15-20 points (range from questions, numbered lists and also lengthy guide topics) on each one of these topics.

For instance, let’s assume that you have already been travelling solo to other cities and countries for five years now. You’ve got a good quantity of experience in solo travelling.

Now imagine your friend comes and asks you, “Hey, even I wish to start solo travelling? Is it possible to tell me more about your experiences as a solo traveller? “

Which are the main points you’ll include to steer your friend?

The list might look something similar to this –

  • The very first thing you may want your friend to choose is whether she actually is ready for solo travel or not.
  • You then might share a brief overview of your solo travelling together with your friend
  • You’ll then tell her concerning the places you have visited as a solo traveller; discussing your most favourite and least favourite place as a solo traveller.
  • You then may also share some tips she (as a fresh solo traveller) must follow.
  • Another important point both of you will discuss will be budget and financial planning the trip.
  • And the list goes on…

Similarly, make a list of at the very least 15 topics linked to your niche. To make this technique simple, just imagine a pal has arrived at ask your advice on a specific topic you are acquainted with. Prepare a list of all of the points you’ll mention and show her.

On a side note: Did you understand this step can help you in several way?
Suppose after completing this whole niche selection process; you choose to choose the niche which you merely wrote 15-20 points. With this particular Step #2 2, you also have just on paper your first 15 (or 20) post ideas. 🙂

  • How exactly to decide if you’re ready for solo travel or not? A straightforward guide for solo travellers!
  • 5 Years of Solo Travelling – Tips, Mistakes and Experiences.
  • 10 Best Places to go to as a Solo Traveller
  • 15 Important STRATEGIES FOR Solo Travellers
  • How exactly to create a cover solo travelling?

See! Similarly, it is possible to convert your simple points to blogs.

Doing this may possibly remove two or three 3 topics from your own list. You might be in a position to produce only 5 points under topic #1 1, but 20 points under topic #4 4.

When this happens, it’s a better idea to choose topic #4 4 as your niche.

Once you’ve created a summary of 15-20 points, you can proceed to Step #3 3.

Step three 3 –

Check if your niche is profitable or not.

The final but important part of this niche selection process would be to learn whether your niche is profitable or not.

Below are a few easy ways in which you can examine if your selected niche is profitable or not –

Google it –

Just google your selected niche and see if there are always a significant amount of blogs ranking in the serp’s. Try different variations of one’s niche term and google them to check your niche.

Google Trends – Visit google trends.

Type your niche to check on if it is something folks are searching for over a while or not. (Note: Don’t decide on a niche that gained popularity very recently or which has a high peak and then an abrupt low spike. You need to always take up a blog on an evergreen topic rather than on a subject that trended for a couple days and suddenly got vanished!)

Search “Top ______ Blogs” on Google-

Use Google Search to check if your chosen niche is profitable or not.

Fill your niche in the blank given and search this on google. If the serp’s demonstrate results like ‘Top 100 _____ blogs’ or ‘Must Read _____ Blogs’, then there’s a high possibility your selected niche is really a popular and profitable one.

Check up on Amazon –

Visit Amazon and seek out products linked to your niche. See if there’s an excellent range of products that folks buy. Click on several products and see in case a good amount of folks have left reviews on certain products.

search for your niche on Amazon

Search your niche on Amazon and check if there are a good number of products in this niche

This might not merely ensure whether your niche is popular or not but additionally whether your niche has products that may be promoted.

(Note: Certain niches might possibly not have enough products for sale on Amazon. That doesn’t mean the niche isn’t profitable. Therefore don’t get this to particular point the only real basis of one’s niche check.)

Ask in blogging related Facebook Groups –

Head to Facebook Search and type the below-given keywords:


After the search results are listed, select ‘Groups’ in the filter. Join several blogging related Facebook Groups. (It’s free! Don’t worry :)).

Once your request to become listed on the group is approved, develop a new post in the group and asks fellow members if this specific niche that you are likely to take up a blog on is okay or not.

In case a decent amount of successful bloggers tell you they have a blog in an identical niche, then you can be confident that your selected niche is really a profitable one. Should they can earn revenue for the reason that particular niche, you’ll be able to too! It’s as simple as that.

With this particular step, you would likely have found your profitable blog niche.

So, this can be a simple 3 step process to discover a profitable blog niche. Just follow this technique and you can find a profitable niche for the blog in flat 20 minutes!

Best Blog Niches 2019

To assist you in your niche selection process, here’s a summary of profitable blog niches 2019 edition. If you’re not able to produce any proper niche or if you’re still confused, it is possible to give these below-listed niches a try. Many of these are profitable. There are lots of successful blogs in each one of these niches, and most importantly, folks have a demand for these niches blogs.

(Note: It’s essential that you should have a respectable amount of knowledge in the niche you decide on. Don’t just select a niche because it’s profitable. Unless and and soon you have some experience concerning the niche, you won’t have the ability to continue blogging in this niche for an extended period of time. You’ll either go out of ideas, or you’ll get bored. Therefore no real matter what niche you select, be sure you have an interest for the reason that niche)

Set of Blog Niches THAT PRODUCE Money

Beauty –

When you have a respectable amount of knowledge regarding make-up and beauty products…

When you have a keen fascination with fashion…

If you want mixing different fashion trends and discovering new dressing style…

Then this can be a highly profitable niche it is possible to choose for your site.

Food / Recipe –

That is probably one of the most profitable blogging niches. If you want cooking/baking/grilling and are thinking about starting a blog, then that is one of the best choices for you. You can find hundreds (or even thousands) of food blogs and trust me most of them are earning huge revenue.

Health –

Another lucrative blogging niche. If you’re always planning healthy meals for the family, if you like discovering healthy diet plans for the family and friends, when you have a good understanding of exercises and weight loss; you’ll be able to choose this niche.

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Obviously, that is among the highly profitable niches. When you have experience of earning adequate money working out of your home or if you know steps to make money online, then this is your niche!

Mom / Parenting –

Another popular niche! If you’re a mom, in that case your daily experiences together with your child and your understanding of raising a child might help you in starting a mom blog. Share your tips with new moms, guide them about various things linked to toddlers, share balanced diet recipes for babies etc.

Travel –

An extremely profitable niche. If you value travelling, then that is your niche!
Share your travel experiences in a variety of cities and countries, help newbie travellers together with your gained knowledge, share important travelling tips etc. Travel and blog simultaneously… Appears like a dream, right? But this dream will come true once you take up a income generating blog.

Personal Development / Self Care / Manifestation –

Oh! Most of us need to read this type of blog, don’t we? Inside our current busy lifestyle, we’ve almost forgotten about self-care and personal development. When you have a knack of helping people regain control of their lives, when you can guide people in starting their development journeys, once you learn manifestation, then this niche is ideal for you!

Lifestyle –

If you wish to blog about multiple topics, then lifestyle can be your niche! Basically, a lifestyle blog is really a blog that incorporates several topic.

For example, you may be a mother who has immense knowledge regarding kids and motherhood. Additionally you love gardening and would like to start a blog with this topic. Additionally you like cooking and revel in developing new recipes.

Therefore you’re confused as if which topic you should elect to start your blog. You are looking at each one of these topics and can’t choose one. No issue! Start a lifestyle blog you need to include each one of these three topics. So, you’ll have a lifestyle blog with three categories – Mom, Gardening and Recipes.

So, they are a number of the proven profitable blogging niches. When you have a respectable amount of knowledge and like the above-mentioned blogging niches, then go on and start your blog.

There are many methods to earn money in the niches mentioned previously, so you can be confident that if you stick to the right directions, you’ll surely start earning income.


I am thinking about the lifestyle niche. Just how many categories/topics can I use in an eternity niche blog?

Truthfully, there’s no set number. It is possible to go for simply 2, or you can even five topics. Simply don’t overload with 8 or 10 types. That would be an excessive amount of for both – you (to frequently write posts in that vast variety of categories) as well as your readers.

Also, it could get difficult to get a loyal group of audience for the blog. Even monetising your blog (through affiliate marketing, digital items and sponsored articles) would get yourself a tad challenging.

I began my blog page with four different groups (a lifestyle blog), however now only 1 of the categories get visitors. Remaining posts hardly get any visitors. MUST I narrow down my specialized niche to just one single?

First of all, just how long have you studied the visitors? If it’s been an excellent six months or therefore and you are receiving consistent high visitors to just one single category, then yes, it is possible to go on and narrow down your specific niche market to one. You have discovered your profitable market, and you will continue in this single specialized niche now.

(Take note – When you have made a decision to narrow down your specific niche market, then it’s alright. But don’t delete another category articles. Let them remain released. You won’t ever know which blog post goes viral or begin bringing you traffic.)

It’s been a while since i have started my blog. But I’m now bored with my specialized niche. I don’t feel motivated good enough to create posts on this niche. MAY I change my niche right now?

Needless to say, you can! It’s your site. You are absolve to do whatever you need.

I have already been blogging since 2 (include your time and effort) years now. I’ve a travel (or perhaps a beauty) market. Can I put in a new specialized niche to my blog today?

That’s a difficult situation, and you also would need to look at a few points.

One thing to consider will be SEO. Even though you are not thinking about SEO or organic visitors, hear me out. As it’s been time since you started your site, Google knows your blog belongs to the particular niche. It, as a result, ranks your site for search results linked to your niche.

In the event that you go ahead and put in a new niche to your site that will be unrelated to the initial niche, you then might face issues with organic traffic for the new niche articles.

For example, suppose your site is in the meals niche. And today you suddenly put in a new niche (say) – Private Finance. Google won’t give concern to your ‘personal finance’ blogs over posts of these blogs who’ve personal finance as their specific niche market since the very beginning of these blog.

Therefore it will be difficult so that you can rank your finance posts browsing results.

Should you have high and continuous traffic from social media marketing, and you don’t depend on organic visitors at all, then you can certainly add a new niche to your site easily.

Another indicate consider can be your audience – Your audience involves your site to read dishes (if we keep on with the prior example). They possibly won’t be thinking about personal finance posts. Therefore, to make it easier for the audience to understand rather than to obtain shocked with the sudden add-on of another niche to your site; inform them beforehand about your choice. Post on social media marketing, email them with a newsletter, posting in your Facebook team that you will be thinking of adding a fresh topic to your site. Tell them how this subject is close to your center and how this assists them. And ensure them you are not changing your market and that you would continue steadily to post quality recipes.

I am hoping this guide can help you in choosing your specialized niche.

If you have nevertheless have any questions linked to blog niches, feel absolve to ask them in the responses below.

I want to know what’s your site niche (for those who have determined one) in the feedback below. 🙂

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