How To Choose A Blog Niche That’s Profitable

To Niche Or NEVER TO Niche: This is the Question – CHOOSING A Blog Specialized niche That’s Profitable

I admit it. I made the error of not really niching down with my Suburban Tourist blog site. I allow it evolve as my entire life evolved. Big mistake. Since that time I’ve smartened up, and today I’m sharing tips about how to choose a blog page niche which will be successful over time, along with profitable!

Don’t make exactly the same mistake I did so!

If you’re like me, you’re thinking about many things and want to share tips on all you learn on the way.

Nevertheless, with blogs, this isn’t constantly the great thing to do. With several minor exceptions.

Everything boils down to why you’re running a blog to begin with.

If your blog site is a hobby blog page, you don’t need to select a blog niche that’s restricted in scope. Eventually, you aren’t blogging for revenue, and so, you don’t need to consider the significance of becoming a niche specialist in your industry/topic region.

However, if your objective is to take up a blog site that is the side-hustle or full-time company, you’ll need to “specialized niche down”. You’ll end up being seecking blog page niche ideas that suit your interest, expertise and interest.

Hard, I understand… We’ll get into this in further details, and by the finish of this post, you’ll realize why I’m recommending you “specialized niche down” whenever you can.

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In accordance with Oxford Languages, a niche means follows:

How To choose a blog niche - list of top blog niche ideas


It is a HUGE niche subject also it can be very rewarding. There are several people looking at home design and interior decor blogs. Consider just how many vision boards are created by checking out websites!

Here are a few of the best interior decor blogs to consider whenever choosing your blog niche.

  • Particular to the area, e.g., kitchen designs, restroom designs, bedroom designs, office decoration, etc.
  • Regional decoration – Scanidanvian home design blog, Japanese home design blog, etc.
  • Particular to create: minimalist, farmhouse, contemporary farmhouse, boho chic, luxury, conventional, etc.
  • Expertise: electronic.g. flooring blog site, wallpaper, painting, etc.
  • Kind of living: wellness living decoration, small living, natural living
  • Budget-friendly decoration
  • Organization
  • Closet experts
  • Home design and home renovation developments and news

DIY Websites

Related to interior decor but really on another category are DIY sites. These span a lot more than just the house, but also creating items and crafts.

Let’s focus on the top blog niche tips for DIY.

  • House renovations how to’s
  • DIY construction (electronic.g. building houses, build your personal tiny home etc.)
  • Anything linked to a specific concentrate – DIY carpentry, DIY flooring, DIY indoor gardens, DIY interior decor
  • Budget-helpful DIY
  • DIY crafts and presents
  • DIY winemaking, beermaking, etc.
  • DIY preserves
  • DIY sewing, knitting, etc.

The possibilities for DIY are unlimited! And you can monetize all of them with “how-to” videos, ebooks, classes, etc.

Business, Advertising, Sales

Tied carefully to financial are company and marketing. These cover an easy range of blog page niches on anything regarding making money, marketing and product sales.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Productivity & Time Administration
  • Freelancing & Consulting
  • Profession and HR
  • Social media
  • Content advertising
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • E-mail marketing
  • Blogging
  • Product sales Strategies


Video gaming is HUGE. Because it not only includes a younger audience but furthermore an older audience that was raised with video games, this is a big moneymaker for most. There have been 2.6 billion individuals playing video gaming in 2016, and that amount probably has jumped greatly because the pandemic hit.

Think about all the methods for you to monetize a gaming site: affiliate marketer links, sponsored product critiques, YouTube video ads, e-books/cheatsheets, membership communities, etc.

Here are a few of the largest niches in gaming:

  • Specific to genre/game: very first person shooter, etc.
  • Game walkthroughs
  • Video game reviews
  • Game growth and game news
  • Console and accessory testimonials
  • Streaming channel websites (Twitch, etc.)
  • Traditional games (did you think it had been only video gaming?)

Wedding ceremonies

There’s a lot of money that switches into planning an ideal wedding. There’s also plenty of time spent attempting to figure everything out. Unless somebody is dealing with a wedding planner, it’s rather a challenging experience.

That is why wedding blogs are really popular. The one factor to notice is that once your crucial audience gets wedded, they won’t be considered a returning visitor… ideally.

However, you’ll get a steady blast of interested readers should you choose an excellent job with SEO.

Just what exactly are the particular niches?

  • Wedding ceremony planning
  • Wedding gowns
  • Wedding components
  • Honeymoon preparing and travel tips
  • Forms of weddings: traditional, modern, special, etc.
  • Destination wedding ceremonies


It is a very broad class, however, it is possible to choose whatever your specialized is, and begin sharing your information with others.

Schooling sites are greatest monetized by courses, e-books (and workbooks) and affiliate marketer links. You can even offer training and tutoring services.

Since there’s already been an influx in on-line learning, it’s a favorite category. It is possible to hone in on a particular niche that’s ideal for your expertise:

  • For kids: math, technology, reading and creating, etc.
  • For specific industries: advertising and sales, social media marketing, digital marketing, property etc.
  • Ensure that you exam-taking guidelines
  • Specific online systems (e.g., figure out how to use XYZ)

Monetizing Your Niche Blog page

With every blog site, there’s a way it is possible to monetize it! It just boils down to whether you should do it actively or passively.

Active METHODS TO Monetize Your Niche Blog site

  • Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • Consulting
  • Freelance services (electronic.g. digital assitant – VA, copywriting, etc.)
  • Sponsored articles (pitch and write)

Passive METHODS TO Monetize Your Niche Blog page

  • Internet affiliate marketing
  • Printables and templates
  • Workbooks
  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Usage of content libraries
  • Movie series access (electronic.g. YouTube how to movies)
  • Digital content (share photo/videos, music and noises, presets, etc.)
  • Your personal affiliate plan

The simplest way is through internet affiliate marketing. It’s a fantastic solution to make a passive revenue, particularly if you’re just starting a blog.

PRO Suggestion: I recommend every blogger make use of Canva PRO, as it’s an excellent way to produce beautiful articles for passive monetization possibilities (printables, templates, etc.)

CHOOSE THE BEST Niche For You AND OBTAIN Started Nowadays!

If you’re still uncertain about your niche, it’s smart to mull it over. Remember to think about your strengths and weaknesses.

Why is you thrilled?

What topic are you currently passionate about?

Image yourself a couple of years from today – will this niche topic nevertheless interest you and match your life style (e.g. will your physical fitness blog for university students have to evolve into one for occupied professionals?)

When you have an idea of one’s niche, the next thing is to truly understand your viewers. What drives them? Do you know the big key problems that they need assist solving?

For more on how best to get started with a blog page, take my FREE TAKE UP A Blog Course, which include several key tools you should fine-tune your blog’s objective.

Once you’re prepared to truly start blogging such as a pro, take the next phase with my Grow It: From Blog To Company course, which can help you develop as a blogger and begin to monetize it!

You’ll should also fine-tune your About Me web page to get hold of your blog niche and much more importantly your target readers/audience. This worksheet can help you perform this!

Benefit from the journey!

Issue: What exactly are some blog niche suggestions you’re looking into?