How To Choose A Blog Name That You’ll Love For A Long Time

HOW TO PICK A Blog Name That’s IDEAL FOR Your Brand

I desire I hadn’t named my life-style blog site Suburban Tourist. I outgrew it after some duration into blogging but didn’t learn how to do a rebrand without shedding my following. Lesson learned! Right now, I’m sharing strategies for new bloggers on how best to choose a blog title rather than regret it.

Since it sucks when you’re not really willing to feel the hassle of rebranding all of your blog, with all the current technical stuff to help keep your SEO link fruit juice and great visitors.

I did a small rebrand when I extracted my blogging-related articles from Suburban Tourist to the new site. It had been a discomfort in the a**.

To help keep you from making my error, and something that many bloggers make, consider these key tips I’m posting with you in this article.

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CHOOSING a Blog Title That You’ll Love FOR A LONG PERIOD

When you’re thinking about what to name a blog page, you’ll should do some study and brainstorming. Not forgetting, some decision-producing!

Determine your site niche. It’s among my key strategies for when you’re beginning a new blog.

I understand – it’s tough to narrow issues down initially because OMG… you have therefore much to create about!

Nevertheless, every great blog is rather narrowed down with regards to a niche. Or at the very least a category – electronic.g. lifestyle – however for a particular niche audience. For instance a lifestyle blog for occupied work-from-home moms.

Because you can have noticed, I furthermore narrowed down the illustrations to a market.

Knowing your specific niche market and who you’re creating for – and their pain points – can help you select a blog name. Your blog name won’t just be for you, but may also transmission to and attract your market.

Given that you have your site niche and market, let’s appearance at what else you must do.

Analysis Other Blog Names

While I’m not really recommending you copy somebody’s blog site title, I’m advising you do some analysis to get inspiration.

What sort of brands resonate with you?

For instance, if you’re planning to take up a blog page in conjunction with your organization, it might be worthwhile making use of your name (like I did so).

Write down all of the blog titles that you found really appealing and that worked because of their blog niche.

It is a short workout that will allow you to get thinking about why is for a great blog title and what doesn’t.

Key Factors

Before starting your process to select a blog name, look at a few key items that will guarantee you choose the right title.

  • Remember to select a title that YOU like. You will need to live together with your blog title for the long term.
  • Determine what your current niche or category will undoubtedly be in five to a decade. If you’re anticipating your site will undergo a drastic modification, look at a name that’s more common than particular.
  • Most of all, consider how your market will perceive the name. Exactly what will it signify in their mind?

Choose A Blog Name For Years To Come

FORMS OF Blog Names

Today it’s time and energy to get started considering the forms of name styles it is possible to choose.

  • Blog brands together with your title, like mine.
  • Two-word names having an + or and (electronic.g. Lavender and Pine) – excellent when you’re running a blog about two opposite factors
  • Niche-concentrated with a keyword – electronic.g. “This Typical Mom” – also lets you know which market she’s targeting (i.e. additional average moms).
  • Usage of alliteration – electronic.g. Margaret’s Musings
  • Motivated by a book or estimate
  • Funny memorable titles (electronic.g. Scary Mommy)
  • Pun words (electronic.g. Whine And Cheese)
  • Blending of two phrases right into a new word – electronic.g. Lavenlily (Lavender and Lily – an excellent name for a gardening blog site)
  • Composed name – consider Google itself!
  • Preferred thing – Espresso With Maggie
  • Your nickname (e.g. I possibly could use Espresso With Gosia – my nickname in Polish)

If You’re Stuck

When you’re having trouble with naming a blog page, it’s time and energy to get creative.

Some methods for getting at night “naming block” are:

  • Work with a thesaurus to get similar words that may work.
  • Try various grammatical combinations (electronic.g. The (adjective) + (noun), or (verb) and (adverb), etc. )
  • Consider foreign terms
  • Select a letter that you actually like the audio of and play with phrases
  • Work with a blog generator (electronic.g. Blog Title Generator, Satori Web Academy Blog site Title Generator)

And my final suggestion is to brainstorm with loved ones or friends. Sometimes a brand new perspective is helpful, provided that they understand your parameters (we.e. your niche and market).


By enough time you’ve done all of the brainstorming and recording of possible choices the next thing is to see if the URL and social media marketing account names can be found.

For this make use of to notice if your chosen URL can be acquired. It’s got a handy device to inform you whether the .com edition of one’s preferred URL (keep them brief!) is available.

Verify around on your key social media marketing accounts to discover if they’re available. Your names ought to be the exact same or as similar as you possibly can to your URL.

TRY Your Top 3 Blog page Name Options

When you’re prepared to make your final option, pick the top three blog brands that you truly like.

Now it’s time and energy to ask others for their insight.

  • Request your friends and relations what their top selection is from your own list.
  • Test market your site title in Facebook groupings.
  • Your social media marketing accounts (electronic.g. Instagram, Twitter…)

By the end of the time, you get the ultimate choice, but it’s always excellent to obtain input from others!

Final WHAT TO Remember

To wrap everything up, before you head to either of my two suggested hosting suppliers – Bluehost – to create your self-hosted site, make certain you’ve:

  • Chosen a name that works together with your niche
  • Thought during your long-term plan for your market and chosen a title which will work for it as time passes.
  • Kept it brief, memorable with a brief URL
  • Ensured it resonates well together with your potential target audience
  • Examined to find if it hasn’t been used (domain)

PRO Suggestion: Blog names together with your name can be a problem to get ranking if they’re a popular name.

Given that you’ve got all of the tips, grab that laptop and pen, and obtain started exploring and brainstorming!

QUESTION: What challenges perhaps you have had in attempting to name a blog?