How to keep your hair bright: 7 tips

Any woman dreams that her hair is not only healthy and thick, but also has a beautiful, rich shade. For some it comes from nature, for others it is born as a result of staining – and the goal of both is the same: to avoid tarnishing and fading. So how do you preserve the vibrancy of the color? Seven Simple Tips to Help!

First tip: sun protection.

The sun's rays and dry air are merciless to our curls. Ultraviolet light can make even the most luxurious hair brittle and lifeless. Leaving home, you should use special "summer" sprays that protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and do not forget about the headdress.

Second tip: natural drying.

Drying and blow-drying the hair is exposed to high temperatures. This negatively affects the cuticle: the hair acquires an inhomogeneous structure, becomes porous, which is why it quickly becomes discolored. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to natural drying and not using a hairdryer when you can do without it. If its use is still necessary, you should dry the strands from the inside, in the direction from the roots to the ends – this way the outer side of the hair will be less damaged.

Third tip: rinsing.

When exposed to chlorinated or salt water, the hair structure also suffers: the scales open and "do not keep" the color. Therefore, after swimming in the sea or swimming in the pool, the hair must be rinsed to neutralize the effects of chlorine and salt. It is not necessary to use shampoo or conditioner, it is enough to rinse thoroughly with warm running water.

Fourth tip: special shampoo.

On sale are widely presented care products for colored hair marked "Color fastness" or "To maintain brightness". These shampoos are specially designed for frequent use, including daily. They strengthen the hair, prevent the dye from washing out and, accordingly, contribute to the retention of color. If your hair is often dyed, especially in bright shades (for example, red, ruby, rich chestnut), then you should give preference to just such shampoos.

Fifth tip: be careful with experiments.

This refers to frequent hair coloring, especially aggressive (with persistent ammonia dyes, with a sharp transition from one shade to another, discoloration, etc.). It is no secret that chemical compounds are detrimental to the hair structure, and the more resistant paint is used, the stronger the negative effect. The way out is the use of gentle dyes: ammonia-free paints, tint shampoos. Their color palette is not so rich, close to the natural range, but hair is also much less injured during their use.

Sixth tip: nutrition and hydration.

For this, there are such care products as conditioners, conditioners, masks. They support hair, nourish it, protecting it from negative environmental influences. Balms and conditioners should be used with each wash, masks are recommended to be done once a week.

Seventh tip: drink more water!

No hair care product will work to its fullest if the body lacks moisture from the inside out. It is recommended to consume at least one and a half liters of liquid every day, primarily focusing on drinking water, and not on juices, soups or juicy vegetables. Compliance with the drinking regime has a beneficial effect on only the structure of the hair, but also on the condition of the scalp.

Hair care, of course, requires a lot of time, effort and expense. On the other hand, it is easy to see that the result is usually proportional to the resources expended. May your hair always be healthy and attractive!