Why Livinvia is Social Media Similar to Facebook

Why Livinvia is SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Comparable to Facebook

Social media marketing websites like StumbleUpon folded and today Google+ is shutting down. Additional sites like Facebook have personal privacy violations.

A recently available article in Moderate stated when talking about the chaos due to Google+’s impending closure, “We wish something that will final for some time, that won’t be turn off by some exec.”

Obviously, more social media marketing similar to Facebook is necessary.

Lately, MeWe started, and today the social media web site Livinvia shows up on the picture.

Today’s post was compiled by an associate of “Team Livinvia” to inform you about this fresh social media marketing site.

This blog post was contributed.

Could it be easy for readers to get your blog content material?

Do you wish to boost your blog articles to obtain additional readers?

You may already know, readers are very very important to your blog. Once you blog to promote your organization or industry, it’s vital that you ensure that your content gets seen. Therefore, there are so many methods for getting visitors on your own blog. Some methods are mentioned below.

    • SE’S. (Major source to obtain views on a blog site)
    • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. (Important Source to obtain views on a blog page)
    • Advertisement.
    • Guest Publishing.
    • Invite others to guest post on your own blog.
    • E-mail marketing.
    • And so a lot more.

    But In this short article, I’ll share 1 brand-new way it is possible to attract readers to your site content. I’m likely to introduce another sociable sharing platform that may help you to increase visitors on your blog site.


    Livinvia is really a social sharing platform for just bloggers where anyone can talk about their articles. Once the moderator approves this article, then it will be released on Livinvia.com. That may help you to increase visitors on your website.

    Therefore, If you’re a new blogger and desire to increase traffic on your own website, after that Livinvia is the greatest place for you where one can get a great deal of traffic by simply sharing your article.

    Once somebody liked your content, then they also have a chance to sign up to your blog page. If they sign up to your blog, in that case your every fresh publishing on Livinvia will undoubtedly be delivered to the subscriber’s e-mail. In this manner, its help bloggers to obtain additional views on the submissions.

    Kind of articles that are recognized by Livinvia moderators:

    You can find so many categories on Livinvia. Some are described below:


    1. Food and Drinks.
    2. Style and Fashion.
    3. Tips and Trick.
    4. Shopping.
    5. Present and Craft.
    6. Wise Living.
    7. Home.
    8. Family and Connection.
    9. Traveling.


    1. Family Wellness.
    2. Diet.
    3. Hair and Beauty.
    4. Fitness.
    5. Body and mind.

    Arts and Tradition

    1. Music.
    2. Movies.
    3. Pictures.
    4. Arts and Lifestyle.
    5. Books.
    6. Poetry.
    7. Paranormal.
    8. People.

    Web Information

    1. Buzz.
    2. LOL.
    3. Epic.
    4. Fail.
    5. Tops.
    6. WTF.

    Economy and news

    1. News.
    2. Technology and Tech.
    3. Economic climate and Marketing.
    4. Financing.
    6. Society.
    7. Sports activities.
    8. Smartphones and Apps.


    1. Running a blog.
    2. Entrepreneurship.
    3. Digital advertising.

    How exactly to Join Livinvia?

    Upgrade: THE WEBSITE LINK ISN’T Functioning, December 2019

    It is extremely easy to sign up for Livinvia.com

    Just click here to join up on Livinvia.com. Following the click, you need to put your details and then click on Move.

    After confirmation, your accounts on Livinvia.com will undoubtedly be created.

    Afterward, it is simple to promote your concepts to the planet by sharing your write-ups on Livinvia.com.

    How exactly to submit your articles?

    Head to Livinvia and signup, as soon as you signup, simply click on the “share brand-new post” switch.

    Paste the hyperlink of your post in the container.

    You can even edit the preview to create it more attractive. As soon as you complete editing, simply click on the share key to publish your articles.

    Now the post should be accepted by the Livinvia moderators. Once your posting is approved, you’ll receive a contact about your post position.

    OVERALL: Livinvia, Social Media Much like Facebook

    Livinvia is really a new social sharing web site for bloggers. In order to get your blog articles to attain more readers and views, you will want to try it nowadays?

    Host Blogger’s Remarks:

    I reacted on LinkedIn to Facebook’s and Search engines+’s information breaches and StumbleUpon’s closure.

    By the end of this article, I suggested bloggers maintain using social media to market their content.

    Nevertheless, if you’re frustrated by social media marketing sites closing and Facebook’s information breaches, apparently, we are in need of social media much like Facebook.

    As a blogger, I find Facebook groupings appealing. By posting my hyperlink and a brief blurb about my content as soon as, I could reach thousands of individuals who may be in a Facebook team.

    If Livinvia were much like Facebook, it could have groups. There do appear to be groups connected with Livinvia, Blog Mindset, and Blogging Eggs.

    Livinvia is really a relatively new web site. It made an appearance on the picture in early 2017. More organizations may pop-up over time.

    YOUR BLOG Attitude team reported in August of 2018, “The Search engines ranking of Livinvia.com offers seen strong growth in latest days. It’s also very good news for you because in the event that you publish your articles on our platform your hyperlinks could have more visibility by Search engines.”

    I realize the post states you will need your write-ups approved, but many Facebook groupings have got moderators that approve the posts as well.

    I came across a YouTube video that presents how to make use of Livinvia to promote your write-ups. Unfortunately, since it’s not really in English, I couldn’t realize the audio. Nevertheless, promoting using Livinvia looks incredibly simple which you’ll see by viewing the video for those who have any difficulty.

    Readers, are you aware any social media sites much like Facebook it is possible to recommend?

    Please talk about so other bloggers searching for social media much like Facebook discover Livinvia.

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