Top 16 Tips on How to Choose High-Quality Headphones Regardless of Budget

High-Quality Headphones

Headphones are one of the most demanded things of a modern person the selection of which should take place individually, depending on your own needs. We all want to listen to our favorite music at a convenient time, whether it be playing sports, taking the subway to work or jogging in the morning, without disturbing those around us. Headphones solve this problem perfectly. Many people need headphones directly for work, and in order not to embarrass people around them, including at home. In this article, you will find tips for choosing the right headphones for you, learn to navigate among prices and models, thanks to which you will confidently spend money on a purchase and leave the store happy.

There is a huge variety of headphone options on the market with different capabilities. First of all, headphones should be selected from what you need them for and under what conditions you will use them, but remember that high-quality headphones will cost at least 3 to 5 thousand. It is also worth considering the fact that the correct design of the headphones is important. The frame must contain materials such as foam rubber, leather (natural or artificial) and velor. Remember‼ ️ that it is advisable to test any model before buying it right in the store.

Running and sports

Sports headphones should be comfortable, waterproof and absorbent, not falling out of your ears, and noise canceling (ANC system). Ideal autonomy – at least 5 – 6 hours. See, so that when you buy headphones, they are marked waterproof. This means that the model is not afraid of any moisture. Wireless headphones are ideal for morning runs and any other sport. They also occur with sweat protection.

Tip 1: If you love to swim, and do not want to part with your favorite music even underwater, then choose wireless waterproof headphones. They will provide you with a pleasant underwater relaxation coupled with your favorite music.

Tip 2: If you are choosing a model for the gym, then the vacuum-type closed-back headphones are best for you.

Tip 3: Open headphones are preferable for running and any other outdoor activity.


When choosing a model with "game sound", pay attention to the presence of surround sound technology (5.1 and 7.1 formats) and a microphone (it will suit you if you stream on Twitch, for example, or record letsplays for YouTube, and just for chats with playmates). The 7.1 sound will also add professionalism to your letplayer look. Full sound insulation is no less important (the microphone should also have it). Remember that open headphones have poor sound insulation.

Better to buy the option with a detachable headset. Headphones designed for gaming should have a battery life of at least 10 hours. The length of the wire should be at least 2 – 3 meters. The cable, preferably (but not required), should be removable. The highest quality indicator of ОМ is 32.

Also consider the diaphragm diameter. It is desirable that its length be at least 40 mm. Harmonic distortion should be frequency dependent. For example, if the frequencies of the headphones are from 100 MHz, then the distortion should not exceed 1%, if the frequencies of your device are up to 100 MHz, then 10%. The sensitivity of the headphones should be 100 – 120 dB. The most ideal frequency for a gaming headset is considered to be up to 1500 MHz. Optimal power for gaming headphones – up to 5000 mW. For fans of beautiful design, you can find options with LED illumination on sale.

Noise cancellation of headphones depends on abmushur. This applies to absolutely any model, for whatever you choose it. The softer the ear cushions, the more they provide sound insulation. The presence of velor is also important in the composition of ear pads. In addition, you can find replaceable ear cushions on sale.

Tip 4: gamers and let players are better off choosing wired headphones.

Tip 5: Don't choose in-ear headphones for gaming.

Tip 6: choose overhead, in-ear, or full-size options. In the overhead, in contrast to the full-size, the ears do not get tired, and from the intracanal ones, the head may hurt.

Tip 7: If it is important for you not to be distracted while playing, then choose over-ear, closed-back headphones.

Tip 8: when choosing a model, also pay attention to a high-quality headset mount.


If you are a DJ, or your work is somehow connected with sound, then you need special headphones in which the sound will be heard as much as possible "honestly". For DJ sets, choose a closed (or so-called "half-open") type of headphones with good noise isolation. The presence of podvorotnyh cups, and in general, the design should be as reliable as possible. Studio headphones must be oversized. For studio monitoring, a closed type option is also desirable. In addition, they must be monitors, with excellent sound insulation and high strength. Soundproofing is just as important for the headphones that artists wear on stage. Such a model should be in-ear. For mixing, mixing and beatmaking, it is preferable to choose an open type of headphones, the strength of which should be at its best. High quality sound is insanely important, it should be smooth and natural. In-ear models are also preferable for stage monitoring. The sensitivity of "musical" headphones is desirable not higher than 20 kilohertz, but not less than 100 decibels, and the most optimal power is 30 – 80 ohm.

For long distance travel and travel

We often listen to music or watch movies on the road, and we do this regularly during the whole trip. Your headphones at home are definitely not suitable for travel. Therefore, consider some points if you are choosing a model specifically for staying away from home.

Tip 9: The first thing to consider is that it is more advantageous to take headphones with excellent noise isolation and low frequencies on the road. It is also best to choose a model with detailed sound, so that every little thing is heard as clearly as possible.

Tip 10: Choose exclusively Bluetooth headphones. Ideal if your headphones, like your smartphone, support the aptX codec.

It is best to select an in-ear model. As for the size and type of headphones, it all depends solely on your taste.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable. But do not forget to purchase an additional cable for every fireman.

Tip 11: Choose a model with memory foam ear cushions. It is also very important that the headphones weigh a little, make sure that the model has a very good fit and do not forget about the presence of a case for it.

Tip 12: Choose the option with sufficient battery life.

Tip 13: a headset on vacation is undesirable from the word at all.

For home

In principle, you can choose absolutely any kind of headphones for your home,

the main thing is that you feel comfortable in them. But still, we advise you to purchase open-type full-size or on-ear headphones if you live alone or your favorite music does not interfere with your household, or, otherwise, closed or half-open headphones. It is best, as we mentioned, if their ear pads are velor.

It is desirable that the resistance be in the range of 16 – 32 ohms, and the sensitivity of 100 decibels and above.

For the street

Agree that many of us listen to music on the way home, or while walking. If most of the music accompanies you outside the home, it will be good to find a specially suitable model.

Advice 14: for the street it is best to choose "droplets", or a vacuum model. But you also can't deny the advantage of over-ear and over-ear headphones. It is desirable that any option be with good sound insulation, as well as a closed type. Long battery life is equally important.

Advice 15: in the modern world, the most preferable, of course, is the wireless type of headphones, or combined: with an additional cable. Outdoor sensitivity should be at least 100 decibels, and resistance should be at least 16 ohm.

Tip 16: You can easily take headphones with a headset outside: they will help you when you call outside the home. If, of course, this is important to you. If you want to add creativity to your look thanks to headphones, then in principle choose a model with a bright, memorable design.

Leather or velor ear pads are desirable.

Types of headphones by design:

Let's see with you what types of headphone designs, in principle, exist:

  1. Earbuds (or earbuds / tablets, as they are also called). They are inserted into the auricle, shallowly. One of the most popular and budgetary types, but they cannot be called particularly comfortable. Their sound does not have any special quality and noise isolation, but it is clean and fresh.
  2. Vacuum headphones (they are also plugs, in-ear). It is an in-ear view that fits inside the ear canal and provides excellent noise isolation. We can say that he is a kind of "earplugs". Overhead models can be found among them.
  3. On-ear headphones. This option fits well to the ears. It is compact and more convenient than the previous one. We do not advise you to order it through online stores. It's best if you pick it up with your own eyes. You can find similar headphones, both open and closed, with amazing noise isolation. A similar model will suit you not only at home, but also on the way from work, for example. You can also choose the option with a headset. If you are a fan of high-quality sound, then you can safely take headphones with frequencies up to 60,000 kilohertz.
  4. Over-ear headphones. Monitor headphones can also be found in this category. Such models are completely superimposed on the ears, covering them. This option is no less popular than the previous ones, and also has different types of connection, including wireless. They are mainly used by professionals, music industry workers, as well as audiophiles. Consider a similar model with a sensitivity from 100 decibels.
  5. Bone conduction headphones. This option is ideal for people who run, ride a bike / scooter or play sports. It is also indispensable in case of health problems. Headphones of this type transmit sound directly to the inner ear. Types of headphones by sound type:
  6. Closed-back headphones. This option has very good sound insulation and high-quality ear pads. It is ideal for work, or listening to music in the office, on public transport, or on the street.
  7. Open headphones. They have a mesh on the outside of the cups. A significant disadvantage of headphones of this type is the lack of noise isolation, which means that your music will be heard by others, and you will hear extraneous sounds. It is better not to listen to loud and heavy music in them, but they are ideal for quiet relaxation at home, including for games, and their sound is "light".
  8. Semi-open or half-closed headphones. This option combines the characteristics of the previous types and is a good compromise between them. The speakers of these headphones are not fully isolated, hence their name. They are ideal for people whose work involves music and sound, the only drawback: they are not intended for recording.

Summing up

As you can see, for each specific case, it is advisable to choose your own type of headphones. Let's concretize, finally.

If you are choosing headphones for running and any other sport, then we advise you to take a closer look at wireless models. Bone conduction options are ideal, but earbuds and droplets are also good choices. Remember that high-quality headphones should work autonomously for at least five hours, as well as be protected from moisture. For swimming, choose wireless and waterproof models.

For people who prefer to listen to music at work, closed plan options are ideal. The design depends on your preference:

you can choose vacuum or droplets so that it is not very noticeable, but you can also overhead.

For musicians and DJs, the full-size monitor models are fine. They should be closed or semi-open with good sound insulation, but if you are doing beatmaking, for example, then open headphones are preferable for you. For performances on stage, it is advisable to give preference to vacuum models.

Overhead / full-size headphones with noise isolation, surround sound and a headset are suitable for let players and just gamers. The battery should be charged for at least 10 hours. If you are traveling or on a long trip, bring a model that is convenient for you, but remember that it should be wireless, with excellent battery performance and excellent noise isolation. For home, absolutely any comfortable headphones of good quality are suitable, but for the street, vacuum, not too bulky overhead models and earbuds with a good charge are preferable, wireless connection type, and excellent noise isolation of closed sound type. A headset version can be purchased. With the help of our advice, you can easily decide on the choice and select the most preferable model for yourself. The main thing is to decide on your own desires. Now feel free to hurry to shop, armed with our recommendations!