Here Are the 29 Great Reasons You Should Use Medium to Blog

LISTED BELOW ARE the 29 Great Reasons YOU NEED TO USE Medium to Blog Today

Are you currently a tired, disappointed blogger?

Searching to get more eye on your own blog without exerting extra hard work?

Are you put on thin by your social media marketing efforts that don’t appear to be producing the outcomes you need?

Then try Moderate. It is an choice for bloggers frustrated by conventional blogging and social media marketing platforms.

What’s Medium?

Many bloggers reveal repurposing old posts. You need to find methods for getting new eyes on your own old posts. Your write-ups should keep their shelf lifestyle and not take a seat on the metaphorical shelf and gather dust.

Finding areas that accept posts which are already written is the response. You can’t guest article since guest authors want authentic material. Finding Content Syndication Websites, sites that accept earlier published material, could possibly be your answer. Moderate is one particular sites.

However, at Moderate, you have a choice. It is possible to repurpose old blogs by publishing previously published content from your own site, or it is possible to write new material.

THE ANNALS of Moderate

In 1999, the owners of Blogger wished to start a site that could also be an alternative solution to Facebook that they felt was even more for sharing with close friends.

In addition they wanted a place to create where writers could write a lot more than the 140-optimum length Twitter personality count. The website promotes itself instead of Twitter for this cause. The site owners wanted a location for writers to create medium-length content, and in 2012 was created. It has been open to the general public for use since 2013.

Ways to get Blog Traffic From Moderate

You will get attention to your articles in order to draw interest to you as well as your blog through the use of Medium. These techniques run quite much like how you’d draw focus on posts on your own blog.

  • Use lengthy colorful graphics, so users see your posts.
  • Touch upon other people’s posts.
  • Like other users’ articles.
  • Share other customers’ posts.

Benefits to Using Medium

  1. Making brand-new connections is easy. I’ve only been energetic a short while, and I curently have 435 followers. Based on the developers of Medium, the website is a network of individuals and ideas.
  2. It is possible to widen your reach. You’ll get new eyes before your writing without needing to create new content. You may make people aware of your website by including hyperlinks to your site posts and your website. In accordance with blogging guru Ted Rubin, Se’s will send visitors to you on Moderate where you should have links back to your site.
  3. Make people acquainted with your brand name. More folks can discover my specialized niche and the audience I compose for.
  4. Obtain new eyes on older posts. Once you republish your old articles, you can modification the graphic, the headline, this content, or make no adjustments whatsoever.
  5. More establish yourself being an authority in your town. Include a brief bio explaining why this content you are authoring is locally of expertise.
  6. Busy individuals will read your write-ups. When visitors see your article, the amount of mins it will take to learn it is indicated. Given that they know the minutes in advance, readers can budget their period.
  7. Be yourself. End up being as wordy as you need. You don’t have to be worried about getting succinct like on Twitter. You may also end up being as succinct as you need. Since you aren’t worrying about individuals finding your site, since you aren’t writing on your own blog, you don’t need to be worried about SEO and write at the very least 1000 phrases.
  8. For a comparatively new site, it really is popular. In accordance with 2014 figures, there have been 460,000 users after that. The site is growing in popularity as individuals find writing minus the constraints of these blogs refreshing.
  9. Moderate is used for articles curation. It is possible to bookmark articles to come back to later.
  10. Utilizing the site saves readers period. It says just how long it will consider to read the write-up.
  11. Writing because of this platform saves your time since you don’t have to recreate new content to obtain new eyes on your own blog as with guest posting.
  12. Publishing on Medium boosts your social media marketing presence because you can share your hyperlinks on FB and Twitter.
  13. Publishing this is a chance to create new content material which deviates from your own norm. For instance, the content articles I publish are significantly shorter than the types I publish on my blog site.
  14. You have a spot to publish medium-length articles. Twitter will be for short posts, as well as your blog is for much longer articles.
  15. Analytics are usually under Stats so that you can create on prior successes.
  16. It’s user friendly. Unlike at your site, you don’t need to create sidebars or widgets.
  17. It is possible to self-promote. Hyperlink back to your blog as well as your relevant posts.
  18. Your writing gets even more focus. Since extravagant sidebars don’t can be found to distract the readers, writing on Medium is even more concerning the content than on a normal blog.
  19. Moderate is convenient. They deliver you your stats. They deliver you your analytics like your web page views and who has suggested your post to others.
  20. Creating for Medium contains less stress. It is possible to publish whenever you want instead of sticking to a publication plan out of fear you’ll disappoint your site readers.
  21. The web site is effective. They recommend articles they think you’ll like. They call these Best Stories for you personally. You will see them once you log in.
  22. You’ll receive good customer support. The website recommends stories that complement the interests you selected once you registered. Medium Emails you these tales.
  23. Famous people make use of it. For instance, former Secretary of Protection Donald Rumsfeld publishes there.
  24. The website has wide-range appeal. Writers have huge variations from celebrities to hobby bloggers.
  25. Moderate is unique. Rather of commenting in the bottom of the write-up like visitors do on a blog page, Medium’s readers can touch upon each paragraph. You can even choose whether to create your comments public or personal. You don’t need to allow comments in the event that you don’t feel safe.
  26. Medium permits collaboration. It is possible to save drafts rather than publish your articles immediately. Since you can touch upon articles prior to the blogger publishes, you can assist in saving one another embarrassment from typos and inaccuracies.
  27. Algorithms guarantee the best articles have probably the most visibility. Even though you don’t possess a slew of blog site followers yet, you may be a success here. Moderate is about the standard of the writing, not concerning the blogger’s popularity.
  28. Prosperous bloggers recommend the website.Ashley Radar recommends it and calls it an extremely trafficked site. She recommends somewhat modifying old content.
  29. Medium increases self-esteem. Bloggers get frustrated if they don’t see results on the blog page stats which lowers their morale. At Medium, it is possible to write without your pleasure marred by dropping stats.

Disadvantages to Using Moderate

The disadvantage could be summed up in a single word- fear. Customers are downright scared to utilize Medium.

In 2011, Google arrived with what is named a Panda penalty. Among the reasons Search engines will penalize the blogger and assign a Panda penalty is because of duplicate content. If your articles is on both your site and on Medium, you’re publishing duplicate content.

It is a problem since Search engines doesn’t know which to position within their se’s.

I interviewed three blogging and SEO specialists to ask their opinion concerning the safety of using Moderate.

1. Amin Ghale, from SEONerdy, reassured me when I questioned him. He described,

Nah! It’s totally fine to create on authoritative sites like Moderate. I do it all enough time. Syndication shouldn’t be considered a problem as Search engines keeps it near to the heart.

So when your post has already been indexed by Google initially before seeing it on various other site, you are secure from any penalty. Panda penalty doesn’t function like that…

Therefore consider yourself safe…

I asked Robin if all of your web site would get penalized or simply the one blog post you are duplicating. He pointed out the latter; just the main one post would drop in the various search engines.

3. Ted Rubin explained,

I strictly repost content I’ve submitted to, and elsewhere, there. I’m told by people I completely rely upon this regard that Google will not penalize you, that is clearly a content myth. The even more places your articles lives, the more individuals will see it by just being there, and via Search engines indexing. Make people acquainted with your brand.

A lot of the professionals consider publishing to Medium secure from Google penalties. It appears in the worst situation, if Robin Khokar is correct, only one post will be buried in the various search engines and not all of your posts. You may contemplate it worth it to have a hit on one posting in order to start your blog to a complete new audience of visitors.

Robin furthermore indicated that, in his knowledge, readers don’t follow him to his blog given that they can browse the whole post at Moderate. However, he continued to say you could hyperlink to your site, to allow them to continue reading there.

Bottom line

To conclude, Medium has more benefits than disadvantages. It could prove an effective option to traditional social media. Isn’t it time to make an account? Head to nowadays.

First, please talk about, so additional bloggers know the benefits of trying Medium.

Visitors, what do you consider? Is this a web site you might try? In case you are currently publishing on Medium, is it possible to think of any other benefits of using it? Can you recommend it? I anticipate your views.