An Interview with Stephanie Lowry.

Stephanie Lowry

My niche covers mainly parenthood, helping moms remain sane in the chaos, though we also cover relationship, creative financing, news, house and have several sections for humor. Let’s encounter it, parenthood will be chaotic and we have to keep laughing, maintain our heads up and remain strong. That is why we sensed covering all bases of a parent’s lifestyle would benefit them a lot more than just sticking with one subject.

What’s your goal for the blog/website?

We try to be every Mother and Dad’s brand-new #1 Parenting Reference. SIC Mama strives to greatly help them find answers with their most common and probably not common questions and worries in one spot. We actually want to help moms and dads find balance over the board and remain healthy, happy, and in great spirits.

How long achieved it take you from enough time you decided to take up a blog or site to launch?

I’d need to say from the minute the idea crossed my mind until start it had to be almost a year. It took me time to commit to an idea that I knew would devote some time from being with my children. I want to state it had been around two months when i considered starting this website that I noticed it didn’t necessarily need to get me from my kids and spouse. I possibly could include them inside it and make this a whole family adventure! As soon as we actually got severe and began our journey in to the blogging planet, it took around 90 days, A lot switches into it and I am an idea a head sort of person, therefore i planned out content for per year in advance!

Had been it harder or simpler than you expected?

Very much, much harder than I got realized. Many people don’t grasp all that goes into creating a site from the ground upwards, planning and creating content, creating, campaigning, and oh my the tech part of it had been the absolute most problematic for me. That said, learning new issues was but still remains to be thrilling to me.

That which was your proudest instant or biggest accomplishment on the way and why?

I’d love to say the anticipated and tell you it had been some design concept or write-up, or learning a little bit of program code but what really was my proudest second and I’d say greatest accomplishment was obtaining the whole family in onto it and viewing how it encouraged my 9 year old boy to begin writing. He obtained so into creating that I made a particular day trip of it for him to obtain a personalized journal and notepad alongside shaded pencils for his illustrations and he could be now creating his individual short tales and got one of is own poems released in a children’s poetry book!

Reveal about a specific moment once you wanted to pull your own hair out or toss the towel in. Do you ever consider quitting, even for an instant?

Oh dear, there have been many! These moments generally surrounded the technical aspect of starting a blog. I’m not what you’d contact “tech savvy”. Sometimes, I didn’t start to see the end is view, I felt as though I would never have the ability to accomplish the specific build and style of the website itself.

What was the largest technical challenge you confronted in launching your web web site and how do you overcome it?

I’d state the biggest technical problem faced was functioning around my not a lot of theme. I fell mind over heels because of this specific concept, and it ended up being a style/build nightmare. It had been not well documented, seriously coded and adjustments to it had been even more difficult due to it. I had plenty of help getting around all of the tricky coding things by John Chandler of He was incredible and figured a means around it all and trapped with me to the end pulling lots of all-nighters with me and also saving my caboose once the site accidentally went live life and showed a prior unfinished edition all while he had been at a doctor’s appointment!

What new equipment did you need to learn?

Almost every device I used was not used to me. Even social media marketing was something I in no way used ahead of this venture. I really began using social media marketing a couple of months ahead of launch so I could have a handle on factors. Some tools to say that I had to discover that were very user-friendly, and basic for a newbie had been Canva , PicMonkey , Pixlr and properly WordPress itself!

Preferred tools or assets that you recommend to others simply getting started?

Canva , PicMonkey , Pixlr , Word Swag , Quotations Creator , Desygner and let’s remember to keep track of investing with the Wave app!

That which was something you learned all about yourself along the way?

Just what a great question. I’d need to say I discovered that you really do are capable of learning and doing whatever you set your brain to. So long as you show patience and perseverance you’ll succeed!

What can you wish you’ll have known before you began?

Hmm, to begin with, not to select a theme and shell out the dough before you truly have a grasp on what you picture your website and know very well what content areas you will end up showcasing. I compensated for an extremely nice theme since it looked pretty, issue is, the way I finished up going it didn’t look so pretty and actually didn’t suit my needs therefore i switched and finished up finding my perfect style free of charge!

What advice can you give someone simply starting now?

Go on it gradual, and for the like of yourself, please consider breaks. Learn to leave when you’re sensation overwhelmed and keep coming back refreshed and motivated. Furthermore, lose the perfectionism, that one was hard for me personally, I over think every small detail and you also know where I finished up… unfinished! Forced to provide some dummy posts as just around the corner in several categories I just cannot get to with time. Finished, is preferable to perfect! Another great suggestion is joining as much blogging support groups as possible! They’re a phenomenal resource and assistance system.

How do being a area of the Running a blog with a Smile community assist you to?

Running a blog with a Smile assisted me get through plenty of bumps in the street. Anytime I felt trapped or couldn’t number something out, this team was there to raise me up and stage me in the proper direction. Chantel Arnett, is definitely filled with amazingly helpful resources and ready to help at any period. There have been times being a section of this group in fact held me from pulling my curly hair out and walking from this venture all jointly. Thank you so significantly Blogging with a Grin!