25 Ways Google Docs Will Make You a Better Blogger

25 Ways Google Docs CAN MAKE You an improved Blogger

Have you heard about Google Docs?

Can you like free?

Can you like easy?

Can you like convenient?

You then will like Google Docs.

The popularity of Google Docs grows yearly. The very best part is if you are using it, you will be a far more productive blogger.

Google Docs is split into three sections: Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Reasons Bloggers Should Use Google Docs

  1. Immediate access Your articles are always on the net even without the hard disk drive you saved it on. Blogger Hayli deJong is really a teacher. If she’s running late, still at school, and really wants to post, she can access her notes.
  2. Auto save Many bloggers prefer to write their articles on Google Docs. They don’t need to keep saving because of the automatic save. WordPress includes a “saved” version of one’s article. However, the difference between your current version and the backup version could be confusing.
  3. Fills a need Today, people require a Google Account. In accordance with blogger Claire Bullerwell, “In the event that you plan on creating a business out of blogging, you will need a Google account.” Even students in schools today are told they want Gmail to reach your goals in school since assignments are submitted electronically to the teacher.
  4. A free of charge platform Since free tools can be found through Google Docs, you may as well benefit from them.
  5. Permits blogger collaborationMy cross-promotional partner Mark Newsome and Not long ago i collaborated on marketing copy for my blog critique service using Google Docs. Your collaborators can edit, view, or touch upon your article with varying levels of privacy.
  6. Allows for satisfaction You never need to worry about losing your articles even though you lose your laptop or flash drive. Everything is stored at Drive.Google.com.
  7. Can help you stay organized At Drive.Google.com, where you save your valuable work, you may make folders which will help you retain your writing organized.
  8. Convenience You can find ways you can publish right to your Blogger or WordPress blog.
  9. Interface using its other tools It is possible to Email your document to your Gmail account. You can even use Google Docs to analyze without leaving the screen. Simply click Tools, Research.
  10. Enhances Your Focus It is possible to focus on blog writing easier because the dashboard isn’t there. Although WordPress includes a distraction-free mode, Co-Schedule’s Julie Neidlinger prefers writing in Google Docs.
  11. Voice dictation. That is handy should anyone ever don’t feel just like typing. Sometimes, people don’t type quickly, however they need to get their ideas out as fast because they can.
  12. Translation available Google Docs will translate your article. A translator is beneath the Tools drop-down menu.
  13. Social media marketing presence increased Once you share your link, it is possible to share it to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.
  14. Bridges the generation gap Because students are growing up with Google Docs in schools, your younger reader may choose to use it to talk to you. For example, they could want to utilize it to send a guest post with attachments.
  15. Templates Google Docs may be used for resumes, letters, brochures, and proposals.
  16. Brainstorm post content ideasHayli deJong uses Google Docs to paste questions from her readers into her blank document template in the event she ever needs a concept to write a post about.
  17. Photos You’ll find and insert images while focusing on your document.
  18. Editorial Calendar Google Docs comes with an editorial calendar, in order to plan out your site posts. Your collaborators can contribute ideas. Click Sheets, Daily Schedule.
  19. Pitch a concept, product, or service Among the templates under “Spreadsheets” includes a slide presentation to pitch a concept or a product. You can pitch your idea to some other blogger or a possible client. Perhaps you desire to pitch a concept for a sponsored post. All can be carried out with this particular template.
  20. To-Do List I currently keep my to-do list in Evernote, but many users of Google Docs would rather have almost all their notes together. Among the Sheets is really a to-do list.
  21. Budget Tracker In the event that you spend money on your site. Annual and Monthly Calendars can be found to keep an eye on your expenses.
  22. Spreadsheets Mary Burris, from the JingleJangleJungle blog, kept a spreadsheet using Google Docs. It contained a whole set of the linky parties she attended, the times it occurred, and the websites. It had the niche, the linky name, and the URL. In the event that you click “insights,” Google then analyzes the info on the spreadsheet for you personally with colorful graphs. For instance, it offers “insights” into what percentage of parties occur which days. Mary’s list contained 117 linky parties! Bloggers tend to be on the lookout for ways to make an income. Would a summary of 117 linky parties be of value to bloggers? She could accept payment, and easily Email the list utilizing the “Share” button.
  23. Power Points Many bloggers are embedding power points within their posts using Google Docs.
  24. Incentives A blogger used a template on a slide to create a motivation, a media kit. It had been visually appealing because it was on a predesigned template, and I bet it didn’t take her long at all to complete the template with the info for the media kit.
  25. Portfolios If you are a artist who must present your work electronically, you need to store your projects in the portfolio template. If anyone is interested, it requires seconds to click “share” showing it to them. The times of lugging large portfolios around to interviews have died.

Other Testimonials For Google Docs

Quicksprout’s Neil Patel says, “Even basic tools such as for example Google Docs… go quite a distance when it comes to monitoring things.”

Disadvantages of Google Docs

  • A Google account must use Google’s tools. You might like to share a document with somebody who doesn’t have a Google account.
  • Microsoft Word Uses Grammarly.
  • It is possible to attach files to a Microsoft Word Doc.


To conclude, although there are benefits to using Microsoft Word rather than Google Docs, overall, advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

As well as the advantages stated, most of Google’s tools could be modified. It is possible to change the colors and font sizes and styles, for instance. If you did desire to invest profit Google Docs, you can find additional add ons you can buy such as a thesaurus and chart maker.

Use Google Docs, and you’ll be more productive, more in fashion with today’s technology, more linked to other people you touch online, and richer for devoid of spent any money to cover these tools.

Please share, in order that other bloggers know about the energy of Google Docs.

Readers, which can you prefer, Google Docs or Microsoft Word? Why? Any kind of other uses for Google Docs? I anticipate your views.