17 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Getting Traffic #7 is surprising

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Why your site is not traffic generation? [And, WHAT THINGS TO Do]

You're sick and tired of reading posts where bloggers talk about traffic reports however in real, their web site traffic strategies no more work?

Or, probably it frustrates whenever your blog isn't getting any visitors at all. It also enables you to wonder why it’s happening? Do you know the reasons you’re not getting blog visitors?

I totally allow you to get!

I utilized to feel a similar when I started out. Actually, I used to check on my blog statistics every hr. Can you believe this? I understand, I was eagerly worked up about blogging.

But, as period grows, I learned a whole lot and my top classes were ‘tolerance’ and ‘persistence’.

Wait around, I’m not likely to talk about persistence!

I know, as a fresh blogger, you’re eagerly excited to cultivate traffic to your site too therefore i’m departing all reasons in this article of why your site is not traffic generation.

And, in the event that you could relate to some of those reasons do i want to know in the comments area below therefore i can cheer you up and reply any question that may trouble you currently.

But, very first – the big issue.


There may be so multiple reasons for zero or reduced web site traffic but then, we likewise have options because that’s how bloggers remain getting traffic each day and strategies still function.

And, yet another thing…

You’re not by yourself!

Also if you simply take a moment and ask exactly the same question in any Facebook team you’ll have a lot of people coming up with same issue.

I don’t get 100 sights each day.

I don’t understand why my blog isn't growing.

Nobody sees my post.

No-one responses.

I’m fighting even more pageviews.

I don’t have the urge to write any more – I’m lost.

Guess what happens I did?

Not long ago i asked what’s the primary goal of one fourth 1 of 2019. Someone simply commented ‘to obtain 1000 pageviews per month’. As you see, a lot more than 3 bloggers commented simultaneously and shared, how they’re fighting traffic too.

And, truthfully, this made me compose this write-up!

My facebook team audience certainly is the best since they share, participate and so are excited to learn. In the event that you’re serious in learning to be a free facebook associate, it’s absolve to join!

For those who have lately started blogging and you also’re super not used to this blogging world after that listen(okay, read) if you ask me.

You’re likely to take a bit more time in growing your site as compared to other people who’ve already been blogging already, or involve some experience already.

But, in the event that you’re a child born blogger but are identified to function hard, and implement strategies you then’ll quickly get traffic to your site.

I’m not really joking because I understand, you can!

All it needs is a full-time commitment in taking your site to another level.

Therefore, let’s learn why your site isn’t traffic generation at all. Once you find out the why’s, you will need to find the solution and do something immediately.

Let’s join some reasons why websites don’t obtain traffic.


Here are a few real things you may be missing or doing incorrect on your blog. Just find out those mistakes, and rectify them. In the event that you’re brand-new after that don’t get worried at all. You'll still be able to have more traffic to your site and it’s completely achievable.

I've included recommended articles in this ultimate guide therefore make sure you click on and read other posts as every other blog post has a treatment for offer.


Simply think about it.

Imagine if your readers are not really interested in what you create? Or, your content is very irrelevant to your target audience? It’s no longer working in any event.

If that’s your position, you have to kind it out by knowing a couple of things.

1- Find the appropriate individuals

2- Write engaging content on topics that curiosity them

Begin knowing and understanding your viewers first. You can find multiple ways through which it is possible to target the right market who’s actually looking forward to you to display up so they reach for you. This could be the initial mistake you could be making together with your blog.

In the event that you’re guilty of targeting the incorrect people and creating irrelevant articles then your blog won't get any targeted traffic this means no growth.

Initial, find the appropriate people and start turning up! Let them understand what your site is usually about and how your site is the right location to get the content they’ve been searching for.

Where to find & target your site audience? Get this worksheet to get your ideal blog visitors.


But, what's timeless content material?

A timeless articles will be any content material that will not have an expiry time which means it generally does not go dated. Remains to be evergreen! I strongly have confidence in creating more evergreen articles which means that your blog gets a normal traffic and readers.

Several bloggers are not sure of evergreen content which is why they don’t even include development of such content within their content methods.

Even though you publish 10 posts on a monthly basis, try to make at the very least 2 evergreen blog posting to enable you to promote it each day, week, month or each year.

Rather than writing a 300-word article, invest additional time in creating long parts in order that it can drive constant traffic over a period.

If you wish to go deep, I extremely suggest buying my e-book on ‘Evergreen Content Methods’. In this ebook, I share all hidden tips for create content that lasts permanently. Browse the ebook right here and get everything.

evergreen content, content marketing, content strategy


Tell me, just how much period you devote for advertising?

Twice weekly, and is facebook? I question.

As a fresh blogger, you might not know a huge selection of other ways to operate a vehicle traffic but you ought to know there are so many suggestions to promote your one post. Imagine, if you follow an idea and promote blogs using multiple ideas?

Sometimes, new bloggers may also be afraid of these reader’s reactions. Imagine if someone leaves a negative comment? What if nobody reads my blog? And, Imagine if people criticize my views?

Forget all imagine if’s.

Stop convinced that method!

If someone leaves a negative comment, reply with a GOOOOD solution or if it’s inappropriate simply delete the comment. It’s Your site, and you also’re the boss here.

If no-one is reading your site, figure out why and begin working on it. As basic as that. This is one way we all got better as time passes.

If individuals criticize your opinions, spare one minute and believe if their criticism will probably be worth hanging out for? Or, they’re just permitting you to down for no reason. Provide them with a shut-up contact and FOCUS.

Regardless of how many articles you write but in the event that you’re not really promoting it, they're of no use! Concentrate on promoting your write-up on each and every platform from time 1.

Indeed, I strongly urge one to advertise. I don’t suggest to spam but perform meaningful promotions.

Advice: Make use of these 61+ insane blog traffic concepts to promote your site blog post.


Perhaps you have optimized your site for se's?

If yes, after that start working on your own posts and wait to start to see the SEO magic this means free organic visitors.

Or even, start optimizing every single post.

To become get indexed by engines like google, you want to make your website available for search engines. Which means, make your site post prepared for SEO.

Below are a few blog posts to obtain started with SEO;

Organic visitors is the greatest free quality visitors every blogger wants. As soon as, your website starts getting some organic visitors – you’ll need to spend less time fretting about traffic numbers and much more on generating qualified prospects. But, it can require some efforts and period.

Organic visitors doesn’t create a matter of days. A right SEO strategy outcomes in high-quality traffic from se's.

That’s what we wish, right?

I furthermore encourage you to join 5-days free blog visitors course to obtain actionable strategies to have more blog traffic. Right here, I share easy strategies to develop real traffic and form an enormous audience online.


Can you constantly look at your personal blog site, and imagine the magical visitors? Well, it won’t function!

You got to present up and connect with additional bloggers.

Running a blog isn’t something boring. Ensure it is more pleasurable. Enjoy blogging.

Begin meeting other bloggers. Study their blogs and leave feedback on their blog posts. Tell them you’re not used to blogging and you compose on this topic. Be a part of any collaboration. Engage with fresh bloggers.

Start carrying out these three things;

  • Make thoughtful comments on 5 blogs each day
  • Read brand-new blogs and enhance your knowledge
  • Engage with fresh bloggers on social media marketing. Like and share their articles. Provide them with shout outs on your social media marketing profiles.

I understand many of my blogging close friends who really connect and engage. A few of great blogging fellows are;

Create a blogging system. In this article, you learn 2 measures to create blogging connections.


In the event that you’re not used to blogging then understand that PINTEREST is really a big thing! Nowadays, bloggers and companies are using pinterest daily to make money, getting endless traffic, generating sales, building connections, finding motivation and what not.

Exactly like any marketing channel, pinterest furthermore requires some simple guidelines to check out and when you do this, you grow.

In the event that you’re just getting started then I highly recommend one to browse the following posting before you read point 7.


Expecting a huge selection of views every hour won't function, but trying and experimenting brand-new strategies could easily get new traffic to your site. Instead of scratching your mind every time once you see low traffic amounts, make a commitment and work with a new marketing strategy to market your site article.

But, what exactly are new ideas?

  • Build a contact list to promote your site articles
  • Create landing web pages and collect e-mail subscribers
  • Use twitter to market new articles
  • Create video clips and use vdeo sales marketing
  • Begin youtube and create movies around significant topics
  • Style infographics and market them
  • Use Instagram to operate a vehicle new users to your site
  • Be energetic on facebook page

E-mail marketing is going big also it’s the optimum time to build your personal email list. Once you grow your email listing and create automation series, it’s a breeze to obtain consistent traffic from email clients.

Emails aren't only useful for promoting content, also for building a reliable relationship together with your readers therefore that they turn into a regular reader, and clients.

Prepared to create an email checklist for your blog? Right here’s developing an email list free of charge.


Spend a couple of minutes and check out your headlines.

Are usually they sufficient to attract visitors to click your post, and read what’s inside? Perform they incite curiosity among individuals? Do you rewrite your headline to notice if it attracts even more clicks to your internet site? Do you know how exactly to convert your site posts?

Understand this illustration;

Headline #1 – Cake recipes to use in the home

Headline #2 – 8 tasty cake tested recipes every cake lover MUST attempt in the home

Which one would have more clicks?

The next one, right?

The next time, when you write your site post – ensure that you create various headline versions and select the one which makes people click your write-up.

A well-composed headline can in fact pull readers in. In addition, it increases the click on through rate, which thus eventually gets more clicks.

In all honesty, I've struggled with headlines too also it wasn’t an easy task to develop an extra-ordinary headline. To greatly help myself along with other bloggers, I released 7 headline formulas to create catchy headlines for blogs.

You can even multiple headline equipment discussed in this article.

9- YOU AREN'T Concentrated

Are you currently just blogging for enjoyable? If yes, then appreciate it!

Don’t enter the loop of getting increased traffic numbers.

But, genuine is no one wants the truth that only two people browse the post no matter how tough they try.

Are more focused. Have an obvious vision of one's blog. Define your blogging targets clearly, and prepare an activity intend to achieve those goals. Spend time in figuring out what would you like from your blog page.

Nadalie Bardo has answered some typically common FAQ’s on goal setting techniques and I’m so sure this can help you in the event that you’re much less focused.


Are you currently guilty of spending less period on running a blog?

If yes – THIS WON’T Function!

Blogging is really a full-time work, but even though you take action in your free hours after that make certain, you’re spending your time and effort effectively.

As a blogger, you’re in charge of so many jobs including planning, researching, writing, linking, marketing, social media marketing, networking, image designing therefore many other things.

Needless to say, you can outsource blogging duties to others but as a newbie, you might find this extra expenditure.

The advisable thing is to begin giving more time to your site, and find out about blogging. Each day, do one blogging job that may help you get nearer to your blogging objective.

Find out why your blog is not getting traffic? What does it take to grow a blog, and get website traffic? How bloggers drive traffic to a website? Learn more than 17 reasons why your blog is not growing! And, how to increase traffic by these blog tips. #blogging #blogger #bloggingtips #blogtraffic


I must tell you one thing right here.

Blogging is approximately consistency! To be able to grow yourself as a blogger, and build continuous visitors, you should be persistent and determined.

Right now, when I have a short split from blogging I see some fall in visitors and clients. Why? Because, I had not been being consistent on the system.

A lot of us still have a problem with inconsistency but this is actually the most important matter that helps you to stick to the system, and grow.

Below are a few tips to assist you become consistent;

  • Program ahead
  • Always timetable your articles in advance
  • Play the role of active on 1-2 social media marketing channels
  • Let your fans and visitors know where they are able to easily touch base
  • Do small blogging actions that cheer you up and motivate
  • Read other sites to stay motivated

12- YOU’RE SCARED OF Trading

You may ask what's this relation between expense and visitors?

Gone are those occasions when you just select a free system like wordpress.com and begin writing blogs. It was simpler to gain visitors, and connect. But, things aren't same nowadays.

You have to treat your blog just like a small business.

Move self-hosted and select wordpress.org – not wordpress.com. For selecting a personal hosted wordpress.org blog page – you pay significantly less than $4 per month but this small expense will be a lot better than looking forward to years to create traffic and grow your site.

Don’t scare to purchase blogging equipment that automate your advertising. And, Don’t scare to purchase educational materials like ebooks, or classes. Don’t scare to employ a trainer. Don’t scare to get a SEO tool subscription. They are all expense in your blog site/business which will make you money and assist you to grow online. I've also shared 20+ small what to invest in your blog company.

Consider out a restricted amount and spend thoroughly on your own blog.

For example, if you are using Pinterest then buying tailwind can help you automate limitless pins. I take advantage of tailwind to routine my pins and believe me, it’s my very best ever expense.

I also recommend looking into Ready Established Blog Traffic, a training course by Elna Cain. I’ve lately taken this course and I could’t tell you just how much this program has helped me learn efficient blog traffic methods.

Not just this program walks you through fundamentals of blog visitors but additionally, SEO, Pinterest, and article marketing ideas to skyrocket your traffic. Moreover, additionally you get all updates and life time access to this course. Which means you’ve all of the tutorials and quite happy with you forever. Elna is really a total pro in article marketing, growing blog and traffic techniques.

Ask any prosperous blogger and they'll tell you how very much they have invested and just how much they invest every 30 days to create their blogs.

That is an investment, so when you successfully grow your site, it is simple to retrieve your expenses by means of income.


Social mass media is really a fast and free advertising channel for growing any web business. Likewise, bloggers are making use of social media to create their audience. Currently, everyone uses social media to obtain entertained, stay up-to-date and whatnot.

Understand that your audience has already been there, and they are looking forward to you to share some articles.

In the event that you’re a fresh blogger i quickly don’t recommend you utilize all social media channels simultaneously. Even the best advice would be to select one channel and stay with it.

If you feel your insta-fam responses you well learn to expert at Instagram and make use of to to operate a vehicle traffic.

Facebook web pages are big in several entertaining niches so definitely make use of your facebook page to create visitors and following. Shemeansblogging also offers a brandname new facebook web page to talk about best blogging advice.

Use Facebook groups to take part in threads.

Begin using twitter to engage and connect to other bloggers.


Nothing at all will work, in the event that you’re not really passionate!

Also I have already been blogging continuously for a lot more than 24 months but I still believe that the only thing which has kept me adhere to my blog page is my passion.

And, in all honesty, blogging will not function if you are not thinking about it.

Sometimes, blogging can be boring as well but you have to make your site interesting. Do blogging for enjoyable sometimes. Enjoy doing routines that enable you to get joy.

Engage with additional bloggers and create a small community.


Maybe you have stopped visiting a website because it includes a pathetic design? Or, probably poor navigation. An excessive amount of clutter. Bad layout?

Well, I've stopped visiting such sites because they're poorly designed. That's true.

I’m sure you'll want as well!

As a readers or user viewpoint, a website design may be the most significant and attractive feature. For those who have a far more professional, and clean design, your readers should come back to your web site and be there for a long period.

Consider investing some minutes over your site and figure out what exactly are some bad points that could lead guests to leave your website.

As soon as you’ve figured out, search for more professional theme choices and give a new appearance to your website.

Nevertheless, in order to take a appear at the website design I take advantage of then certainly try Genesis Framework. It's the most solid, responsive, & SEO-competitive style combination most bloggers and companies use.

Various other tips are;

  • Use simple fonts – not fancy ones
  • Add more white room
  • Make classes and pages clear
  • Use pretty photos from websites like pixistock to attract visitors


You actually have to ASK readers to talk about your post.

Indeed, you do need to!

Initial, install a social media marketing plugin and enable it on your own website. In the event that you’re already carrying it out then check if the control keys are working.

Use free of charge plugins like Marshare, cultural warfare or public pug.

Help make sharing effortless for the readers. Active your social talk about buttons in different places to try out. Display social media marketing sharing buttons along with the page or base.

Secondly, put in a click to action by the end of blog post.

Ask your visitors to share the posting. We are more prone to do something when somebody asks us to accomplish. Similarly, ask your supporters to share your article on facebook, or twitter.

Keep these things save the pin!

Do you want to spend a small on your blog? Listed below are 20 small what to invest in your site for growth.


The last but most significant point is that YOU’RE NOT ADDING ENOUGH Worth!

Don’t take me incorrect or rude but running a blog is now competitive and challenging. You should stick out from the crowd as well as your competition.

As a fresh blogger, you should create quality-rich content material and attractive images to operate a vehicle reader’s interest.

Choose unique subjects that add more worth. Write for your readers, and provide them free help in type of excellent content, freebies or possibly, a community.

Research a bit before you write. Create your articles eye-pleasing to create it visually attractive.


Listed below are few posts to assist you find out ways to get increased traffic to your site;

  • How exactly to increase blog traffic quick with 7 hacks
  • How I elevated my blog site visitors to 23,000 pageviews on a monthly basis – Obtain all my secret tips!
  • 3 Pinterest IDEAS TO Boost Blog Visitors


Dedicate more hours every day in learning, and applying methods that work insanely.

Produce more blogs, promote them heavily on various platforms.

You'll start getting increased traffic. It is simple, and you can definitely take action. But, the commitment would be to dedicate more time in generating extraordinary content material that attracts more visitors.

I'd also encourage one to have a look at Ready Set Blog Visitors. This program is a complete treatment for blog visitors! Highly recommend this program, and implement all the classes you learn from this program.

You need to be true to your blog page, and you will see you can find so many possibilities to cultivate online. And, you understand it, right?

Now, I'd like one to tell me what may be the big reason behind not driving good visitors, and what are the next methods?

Let’s chat in the remarks below.

Your blog is not getting traffic? Find out all surprising reasons of why your blog gets no traffic! If your blog is not growing, have less blog traffic or is growing slowly, this post covers more than 17 reasons why your blog traffic is not growing and what to do to grow your blog traffic. #bloggingtips #blog #blogtraffic #blogger #growyourblog

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#1 is so informing Arfa. Amazes me how bloggers blog site off topic, or, cover problems readers do not value. Makes no feeling. I publish content Only when a reader or someone thinking about my niche brings the issue to my attention. No alternative way. Super post!

That’s specifically one of many reason why blogs neglect to build a regular viewers, Ryan. It’s so vital that you write for your visitors, and what do they would like to hear. In the event that you won’t write, another person would and you also lose the reader. As basic as that.

Hi Arfa,
First, thanks a lot for the mention and when planning on taking time up with something really useful. Traffic may be the main reason individuals create/don’t make money online and. Once you can travel targeted traffic, you can often perform some tweaking and optimization and develop your earnings.

Anyone who treats blogging such as a business will certainly implement these strategies. Recently, you may already know I started tinkering with Pinterest. About 4 times ago, I improved my Tailwind and that (for days gone by 3 times) has doubled my visitors from Pinterest.

Though it had been huge as I’m only a beginner on the system, treating it like a company is what Personally i think will press my stats through the roofing.

Oh I’m therefore excited to see my friends you’ve mentioned here. They are one particular who make me blog page with excitement and thanks to be on this set of awesome blogging close friends.
I’m in the years ahead to posting and pinning this write-up

Happy week forward

Thank you so very much for the shoutout, I must say i enjoy it. Yes, many bloggers are coping with the factors you outlined in your post, such as for example not having a focus, rather than providing value to your visitors. Personally, I'll bounce if I’m not really getting any worth from your offerings. Writing down of focus is also an awful problem. Actually, took me a complete day editing a guest blog post that has been submitted to me. Why? As the writer had not been on point. Many, I have to say are not benefiting from Pinterest, I’m guilty of this, and in view of the, I am reading more of one's articles on Pinterest marketing/visitors.
Many thanks for bringing these to lighting.

I have already been neglecting Pinterest for a long period, but ever since I study your guest posting on StartedBlogging, I started watching it. I could say that it includes a lot of potential with regards to blog visitors. Since I’m not used to the platform therefore I haven't been able to create much visitors from Pinterest, but I could already understand why people talk so very much about Pinterest.

Thanks a lot so much for the help!

It certainly took me few times to perform this post as I wished to this to create it as helpful as you possibly can. As you said, as soon as you drive traffic you can generally tweak and optimise to cultivate income.

That’s amazing, Enstine! It’s so good to learn that tailwind is working out for you and that will be cause I would recommend it to everyone who's on pinterest. Definitely, you'll grow with the duration of time.

I'm so lucky to have everyone helping and cheering up for every other.

Thanks therefore much for leaving this type of wonderful and thoughtful comment. Completely appreciate.

This article was on my checklist for so long and lastly published it. Having insufficient focus is one big cause. Many bloggers nevertheless don’t know the path of these blogs, and due to that they see a very slow development.

Yes, I could relate to what you’re discussing. It should be a pain to undergo whole post again merely to make sense, and ensure it is even more readable. Yes, pinterest is really a big factor, and I completely suggest bloggers and online marketers to utilize it the most. It could perform wonders!

Thanks so very much for departing comment, Moss.

This is really really insightful. I implement nearly all these tactics however, not all. Ideally i I tweak my technique I will see more development on my blog site!

Truth be told, pinterest is really a huge platform. There’s therefore much related to Pinterest but needless to say, it requires full commitment to utilize pinterest for conversion, or visitors. I also think it requires time and consistency as well. Yes, I have shared some very nice tips in the guest write-up for the blog, and I wish it can help your readers.

It is a great content Arfa! Thanks a lot for sharing. As a fresh blogger I’m guilty to be impatient and wishing that even more visitors would discover me sooner. Your write-up has given me some very nice ideas to implement to provide myself the best potential for increasing traffic. Thanks!

That’s what made my want to write this detailed blog post! I’m happy to understand that you found some brand-new suggestions to implement on your blog page. Be sure you be patient, and in keeping with your blog. It takes period, and that’s how it will go.

Hi Arfa
Many thanks for the information, Truthfully, you have trained me a whole lot and I have began I've learned a lot, I have to say your blog is similar to a reference guideline for me personally and I spend hrs hear since i have found your blog many thanks quite definitely.

I’m so glad you're finding my blog useful in so many methods.

It is a fantastic posting and I am spending my next couple of days reading through to every article that is linked to from here. There's so much I can study from your knowledge and I can’t wait around to dive correct in!

Many thanks for this!

That is this type of helpful post, Arfa! First-time seeing your blog so when a new blogger Personally i think very inspired ❤️❤️

I’m glad you found this post, along with other post helpful.

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Glad you enjoyed the post.

That is really great advice. I think it is so hard to cultivate my blog and obtain enough traffic. Hopefully with implementing these strategies I could grow, grow, grow!

Your brand-new friend here.

I totally enjoyed reading your post and something of the very most powerful advice you’ve given here's publishing evergreen content.

I have already been focusing on keywords always. The issue with that content is; to win the RANKING battle, we have to keep updating them. But evergreen, content once published, is definitely ready to promote and will be utilized to funnel the traffic to your money pages.

Thanks for the valuable tips, Arfa. 😉
– Ankit

Many thanks! This post really helps. I’ve been attempting to think realistcally concerning the future of my blog (and whether you will see one) which has given me some more what to put some effort into before I opt to pull the plug and discover a new topic. Have an excellent day. 🙂

This made my day! I’m so glad that post has been so much ideal for you to keep thinking about new ideas to grow your site. I know that it’s challenging but with continuous efforts, understand that you can achieve and also have an excellent future too 🙂

Enjoy your entire day too.

Welcome to my blog! It’s so excellent connecting people.

Oh, I find evergreen content the very best technique to win! I was so curious for keywords too but recently, I've thought to not stress an excessive amount of on keywords and just produce the very best content.

That’s so true with evergreen content. It is possible to promote them anytime to any audience. There, you made an excellent point 😉 I love that!

Thanks for visiting your blog, and adding your super valuable comment.

Have an enjoyable experience.

That is really helpful. I simply started a lifestyle blog about 2 months ago. I believe I struggle a bit in every section of this post!! They are great tips to make an effort to really get my blog off the bottom.

I’m so glad you’ve found this helpful! As a fresh blogger, you might have to work on lots of things but if you know how to proceed right away, it becomes a painless process. I’m sure, you'll grow your site soon.

I'm guilty of all points you merely made.
I know how exactly to write but I can’t produce good titles for my articles…
I simply recently discovered that Pinterest is truly a thing…
I have to bookmark this page to debate all of the points 1 by 1…
Thanks for the share.
Engin Soysal

Love, love, love, your post Arfa! I came across it so insightful and written in that clear manner. I knew that blogging requires a large amount of work but only realised just how much when I actually started. Phew. Kudos and many thanks because of this!

Interesting read. Personally i think like I’m doing all of the right things – when i transpired your list, I couldn’t see where I was making any huge mistakes. I definitely think I offer value and I’m not shy about promoting. Maybe I simply haven’t pinned down my audience yet, I don’t know. My page views overall are trending up nonetheless it feels as though such slow going.

Loved this post. You make so many valid points! I must say i do need to focus on each one of these things. It’s just so difficult coz there’s so much to accomplish on a regular basis..lol. But as if you said, patience and perseverance may be the key. Maybe it works over time.